A life dedicated to the trend

Bringing emotions into a highly technical industry sector. Breaking well-known and established rules. Working with and against the Internet. That’s what the FIXINGGROUP GmbH does. And it relies on my help: as management board assistant – an as person in charge for a totally new kind of corporate communication.

The daily struggle to set a new trend consumes a lot of energy and concentration. Therefore, in my freetime I need creative challenges to refresh my mind. I find them in writing articles about sports for the news-platform GMX.at.

My interest to do that was wakened in Munich: In this beautiful city, I worked as a social media editor at the CHIP Digital GmbH for almost two years. Doing a bit of research, a bit of writing, a bit of Facebook – everything included in the job. It was the perfect start into business life after finishing my Bachelor studies of Journalism and PR in Graz.

That’s the short version of my CV. If you are interested in the long report, do not hesitate to contact me. I won’t bite😉

(Deutsche Version)


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