“Only the ideas that we really live have any value.” – Hermann Hesse

Almost every minute, a great idea is born in our modern world. The sad thing is, that most of these ideas do not get the attention they deserve. Because one thing is for sure: Visionary ideas also have to be communicated in a visionary way. Only by acting brave and unexpected it is possible to show your customers how extraordinary your projects are. I admire you for your concepts. And it would be a pleasure for me if I was allowed to help putting them in the spotlight.

Who is this guy and does he have any talents?

Sorry, allow me to introduce myself. I am Mario, 28 years old, zodiac sign Aquarius and currently I am turning myself into a communication expert by attending the masters degree course “Communication, Knowledge, Media” at the well-known University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Before the love of my life made me move to Linz, I worked as Management Board Assistant for the FIXINGGROUP GmbH in Ried. I contributed to the rise of the company by taking responsibility for the coordination of the warehouse staff and public relations.

After the 21 months I was serving as a Social Media editor at the CHIP Digital GmbH in Munich, this new challenge was exactly what I needed. The most important things I learned in these past five years? Well, of course I was able to collect a lot of journalistic experience, but also got to know an entrepreneural point of view and developed a high level of stress resistance.

Fair enough, but what does this have to do with my vision?

I am keen on helping people reaching their goals. That is why I support uprising companies in Austria promoting their products and service in a way that draws the public attention on them. In this context, I produce and maintain content for their websites, write texts for commercials of any kind and plan and execute commercial activities in social networks. In case you are interested in a collaboration, feel free to contact me.

I am really looking forward to helping your vision getting the attention it deserves.

(Deutsche Version)


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