about me

(Deutsche Version)

I was born as an eight-pounds-weighing bundle of joy in 1989, the year in which my hometown Ligist was hit by the worst flood in decades. My christening took place on April 1st, and therefore was the second most important event on this day (more important: The last Queen of Austria – Karl’s wife Zita – was buried on this date). Before the first episode of “Married with Children” was broadcasted on German TV, I had got rid of my diapers. And as Michael Schumacher lifted his second Formula 1 champion’s cup, I imitated him – with my school cone.

In the year of the predicted apocalypse (1999), I left the elementary school in Ligist and started attendig the grammar school in Köflach. In the year of the big heat wave (2003), I decided that it was time for a change and signed in at the school of economics in Voitsberg. I passed my school-leaving exam with distinction in the year of the global financial crisis (2008). After serving my time at the Austrian Military, I successfully applied as a student at FH JOANNEUM Graz in 2009. As expected, I graduated a few months before the end of the Mayan calendar (2012). Because of that, I am at least able to meet my Maker as a bachelor.

If you would like to get to know me better, do not hesitate to click on my eportfolio. There you can find my CV and information about the time I spent abroad and everything else I did so far.

Thanks and kind regards


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