Bachelor: FH JOANNEUM in Graz, Master: FH OÖ in Hagenberg

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Stays abroad during my bachelor studies

Bachelor theses: Titles and Subtitles

  • Showing Hitler die. Die Selbstmord-Darstellung im Spielfilm am Beispiel Adolf Hitlers in „Der Untergang“ (published as a book)
  • Operation Online-Kommunikation. Die Konzeptionierung eines kommunikations-strategisch auf Endverwender ausgerichteten Webauftritts für die SIHGA Handels GmbH


Master of Arts in Social Science

Master thesis: Mentality Differences in medicine

Work title: Mysterious Neighbors: Mentality Differences in the Field of Medicine.

Date of the Master exam: 12 July 2018

Master thesis: published on Research Gate

Summary: presentation of the results

In context of this thesis, cultural differences between medical doctors originating from Eastern Europe (Poland and Hungary) and Central Europe (Germany and Austria) were examined. For this purpose, qualitative interviews were conducted in order to detect how communication and behavioral patterns of immigrated physicians from Eastern Europe differ from the ones of their native colleagues in their German-speaking host countries.


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