New job: Social Media journalist at

chip.deAs you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged for quite a long time. The reason is that I have a new job that I really have to put a lot of effort in. Since December, I am working as a Social Media journalist at CHIP Online, the biggest IT-news-platform in Germany. Continue reading


Born to die: fanpages on Facebook

No profile-photos, no postings, no interaction and no fans: Facebook has a huge fanpage graveyard. That is the main message of a post published on The article is based on a study (sample: 5.7 million pages) conducted by the social media company in October. In context of this study, the (in-)activity on Facebook’s fanpages was analyzed. The results were compared to the ones of a similar study made in this year’s March. Continue reading

Mission Stratos: Felix-mania on TV and web

He soard up high, fell and left his footprints in world’s history: Extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner beat a lot of existing records when he jumped from the stratosphere yesterday. But it was not just a success for him. The TV channels and social media platforms that reported about the event were rewarded, too – with great viewing rates. Continue reading

Study: Which Facebook-content works?

There is one question that more or less all companies that are actively participating in the web want an answer for: What and how often should I post on Facebook to get a maximum of attention of my fans? The Austrian Social Media agency vi knallgrau started a project with students of FH JOANNEUM Graz to find it out. Continue reading