internship at CHIP Online

type: journalistic internship

period: 08/01/2011 – 01/31/2012

company: CHIP Xonio Online GmbH

Collecting as much working experience as possible was an important part of my curriculum at FH JOANNEUM Graz. Because of that, I had to take a six months lasting internship in the fifth semester of my academic studies. I decided to do my internship in the software-section of CHIP Online, the biggest IT-news platform in Germany. My main task was to find useful downloads and mobile apps which I had to test and write reviews about. Furthermore, I created a lot of download-specials and wrote some IT-news and -articles.

As expected, there were just a few topics that I could pick my stories from. Moreover, I often had to work on two or more articles at the same time. Because of that, I could improve some of my journalistic skills. I learned to separate relevant IT-topics from uninteresting ones, developed a solid writing style and a more efficient time management. Unfortunately, skills like systematic research and creative writing were not boosted as much as I hoped. The followings link leads to my reference letter (PDF-document). The document is in German.

— — —


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