New job: Social Media journalist at

chip.deAs you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged for quite a long time. The reason is that I have a new job that I really have to put a lot of effort in. Since December, I am working as a Social Media journalist at CHIP Online, the biggest IT-news-platform in Germany.

Yes, it’s true: I have worked for CHIP Online before. In this company, I made an internship which was a very important part of my academic studies. At CHIP Online, I collected my first experiences in online journalism, even though I was in another department. Now, almost a year after my practical semester has ended, I am back.

Unter dem Kürzel (mru) schreibe ich News und Channel-Postings.
I use the acronym (mru) when I write News and Channel-Postings.

Why did I decide to work for the company again? Well, there are many reasons: First of all, I love Munich. The city has everything – except cheap prices. Furthermore, I like the company’s working atmosphere because the team is friendly, caring and competent. But the real reason why I moved to Munich was another one: the exciting work and the perspectives.

I got an apprenticeship contract as an online journalist which is limited to two years. At the end of 2014, it will be decided wether I can continue to work for the company as a journalist or not. My main task is to write news and articles about the topic I care about most: Social Media. Like in the technology-sector, there are a lot of developments in the field of Social Media. As there is never a lack of innovations, I always have something I can write stories about. And as Social Media is getting more relevant for businesses from day to day, it’s worth investing time in following and exploring its trends.

Luckily, my apprenticeship does not just have a journalistic focus: I am also responsible for the content on the Facebook- and Google+ mainchannel of CHIP Online. By doing that, I get an interesting insight in community management and learn which content users like and how I can find out there wishes and expectations. Experiences like this help to develop that kind of communication-skills that the economy needs.



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