PostRocket: A “bible” for Facebook-marketeers

In one of my last blogposts, I explained which Facebook-content works. It is, however, important to know a lot more than that to do effective marketing in the Social Network. The blog PostRocket provides useful tips for Facebook-marketeers regularly.


What do users pay the most attention to? How does Facebook evolve? How and where do I get information about its developments? What impact do they have on the success of my activities? One of the main tasks of an expert in Facebook-marketing is to ask such questions – and so is finding an answer to these.

In this context, it is helpful to use experiences you have made, to analyze statistical data, to read reference books regularly and to participate in discussions with your colleagues in the social media-sector. But one thing is clear: A lot of time and effort has to be put in these activities. This, however, means that there are less capacities left for active marketing. Because of that, everyone is looking for some kind of “Facebook-bible” that offers rules and guidelines they can stick to.

The expert-blog PostRocket provides this kind of information. On this platform, Facebook-marketeers find a lot of short, well-researched articles that contain interesting facts and tips they can use for their daily work. CEO Tim Chae and his team write about everything that has to do with Facebook: Why do users like companies’ fanpages? Which websites are the fastest and most reliable to report about current Facebook-developments? What do you have to consider if you want to do effective Facebook-marketing? This is just a selection of topics that are treated in the blog.

So you see: If you want to gain knowledge about the right way to use the biggest social network in the world, you should definitely visit PostRocket. This platform is a great source that provides information you can base your strategies and activities on. But do not forget that further research and analysis is required, too, if you want to be successful in Facebook-marketing.



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  1. Great job noticing the fact that it is really hard for people with businesses to maintain their business as well as focus on prime social media use. They’ll take any help they can get – keep at it!

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