Study: Which Facebook-content works?

There is one question that more or less all companies that are actively participating in the web want an answer for: What and how often should I post on Facebook to get a maximum of attention of my fans? The Austrian Social Media agency vi knallgrau started a project with students of FH JOANNEUM Graz to find it out.

Imagine, you post something on Facebook and nobody cares. A lot of companies do not have to use their imagination for that, because they have to face this fact every day. The question, how Facebook-content has to be to attract people’s attention and to bring users to like, comment and share it, is not hard to answer.

The Austrian Social Media agency vi knallgrau proves that it is possible to find out which criteria Facebook-content has to meet to be successful. Together with graduates of the degree programme “journalism and PR” of FH JOANNEUM Graz, they were able to define rules for effective Facebook-communication.

Their results were based on a study that investigated 100 Facebook-fanpages of B2C-companies. The analysis of the 2.324 postings that were published on the fanpages during the investigation period revealed the preferences of the Facebook users. Here you find a summary of the results:

  • Less is more: It is better if you do not post too often
  • A fanpage is no billboard: Ask for feedback instead of advertising products
  • Most attention in freetime: Postings after work and on the weekend are most effective
  • Use short texts and pictures: Visualization and texts with less than four lines work
  • Avoid links and videos: They do not spread on Facebook
  • No journalistic lead: Send concise, simple and emotional messages

One more fact that was detected in the context of the study is that Facebook users prefer the content of consumer brands to that of retail brands. The reason is that retail brands publish messages too often and their postings meet the wrong criteria. If you want to take a look at the results of the study in detail, just click on the following link. The key findings of the study are summarized in this infographic.



2 thoughts on “Study: Which Facebook-content works?

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  1. Dear Mario,
    good article. I am glad that you talked about our study, too. It really had a far reach. 🙂 There is one little thing I would like to add: It was a study jointly designed by vi knallgrau and me at the FH JOANNEUM. I would have expected that you’d have linked to the the FH JOANNEUM as well as to knallgrau. Thx.

  2. Dear Miss Reimerth!
    Thx for your feedback. I expected the study to be a success, even though I could not participate in it. 😉 It’s true, I forgot to put a link to the website of the FH in my post, but I corrected my mistake immediately after you reported it. But there is one more thing I would like to know and hope you can help me: Is there an article about the study on the “Journalismus und PR”-website I can link to? Unfortunately I could not find one.

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