PLURALITY: vision of social media development

No crime, but complete observation: This vision of the future is presented by the short movie “PLURALITY”. Its director Dennis Liu (Radical Media) created a scary, but realistic scenario of the possible development of social media.

Two days ago, the Austrian Website reported about a short movie on YouTube that deals with the future of social networks in an exciting way. Precisely said, the movie tells the story of the ultimate Social Network that is invented in year 2023. This network – it is called “Grid” – connects all available information about a person (ID, credit card numbers, social insurance etc.) to the person’s DNA.

The result: Things like cash, member’s cards or keys are not needed anymore in the daily life. Everything works much more comfortable by fingerprint. Thanks to the central stored data, the “Grid” is also able to find out immediately where a person is located at the moment. Furthermore, the “Grid” can take actions to make it impossible for a suspicious person to flee. Because of that, there is almost no crime left that cannot be solved anymore. The system is that advanced that it is even able to identify persons that should not exist.

Summary: The short movie is some kind of warning. It shows the audience that unreflected relying on technical developments in order to increase comfort and security in daily life has a price: a massive violation of privacy. You have to watch it!



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