Facebook-bug: PMs appear in timeline

Be aware: Facebook users have identified a bug. All private messages that were sent and received before the year 2010 appear as postings in your timeline. Some parts of the Facebook correspondence between 2010 and 2012 are affected as well by this bug. If you want to avoid that all of your friends see your private talk, just take a look at the following manual:

Removing is easy: click on your profile / select a year in your timeline / investigate the postings / delete private messages

Click on your profile and select a year of your choice in your timeline (the years affected by the bug are 2007 until 2012). On the right margin of your timeline appears a big “friends”-section that shows you a summary of all the stuff that your friends postet on your pinboard in this year. If you find out that there is content of your private chats among these postings, simply delete it.

Just click on the pencil-sign next to the sentence “XX’s friends postet something on XX’s timeline” and select the option “show single messages”. If you do that, you get a list of all publicly visible pinboard-postings. Click on the circle on the right side of a suspicious posting and select if you want to delete it your just make it invisible.

If you do not want to put that much effort in investigating your friends’ timeline-postings, you can simply delete all of them. All you have to do is – as explained before – to click on the pencil-sign in the “friends”-section and to select the option “remove from timeline”.



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