Celebration time: I’m a bachelor, baby!

It’s true, I did it! After three years, I finished my academic studies. Three years that really spun away. Since August 1st, you are allowed to call me a college graduate. I am bachelor of arts, ladies and gentlemen, discipline: journalism and public relations. Ok, I have to admit that it is not a PhD. And yes, there is still a lot of work to do to get a MA-title. But the first step is taken. Before I continue my studies, I try to get a job to earn some money. What I can? Find it out by reading my summary of the highlights of my academic studies.

summary: 1st and 2nd semester

My first two semesters were quite theoretical. That does not mean, however, that we had to read thousands of pages filled with the ancient wisdom of old experts. No, we learned the basics that helped us to

  • understand relations
  • detect current trends in the media branch and
  • develop a realistic estimation of journalism and public relations.

Anyhow, not every lecture was just theoretical. We also collected some practical experience concerning the right use of social media and effective online writing. We got to know social networks like Facebook and Twitter, posted articles on our own wordpress-blogs and published stories about healthy food and Eastern Europe in our Social Media-Classroom.

Of course, we also dealed with the classical mass media. We learned the characteristics of radio and TV and created news articles for each kind of media to prove our knowledge. Furthermore, we were taught how to write strong PR-texts and got an overview of the most important journalistic text types, too. I also give a “thumbs up” for the practical projects with Caritas, regionale10 and Kleine Zeitung we were allowed to participate in.

summary: 3rd and 4th semester

Always staying at the same place gets boring after some time. That is why I decided to spend my third semester in Switzerland at ZHAW Winterthur. At this university, I was allowed to create a curriculum of my choice and specialized in journalism. I focused on subjects that helped me to develop some practical skills like effective storytelling and to collect some experience in web-publishing. (Unfortunately, I tended to aggrandise myself and, therefore, my work was terribly criticized.) Furthermore, I took a moderation course that helped me to improve my self-presentation.

My fourth semester had two significant key aspects. The first one was our lecture about media economics. Our main task was to write a business plan for a fictitious media company in teams of four. My team founded JOUNG, the mobile media agency. Idea, goals, financial ressources – we integrated every relevant information in this plan. The second key aspect was our first bachelor thesis. My topic was Showing Hitler die. To explain in detail what I did: I analysed how the aspect of Adolf Hitler’s suicide was treated in the German movie “Der Untergang”. By doing that, I found out how important it is for the media to create reality and what they have to do in this process.

summary: 5th and 6th semester

“Hello, Munich!”, was my motto in last year’s August, because my six months lasting internship at CHIP Xonio Online was awaiting me. I worked in the download-section of the company, did some research, testing and wrote until my fingers bled – everything with a smile on my face (even though sometimes it was quite an afflicted one). During my time at CHIP I found out: online journalism – that is what I was made for! The city’s beauty, my friendly colleagues and my diversified tasks had almost made me stay in Munich. But there was one thing I had to do before. I had to finish my studies to reach what I had worked on the last five semesters: the bachelor degree.

In Graz, I got the chance to show what I had learned so far. It was time to produce BLANK5 and I was responsible for the web-edition of our student magazine. I knew what that meant: work, work and even more work! Choosing topics, planning stories, discussing articles, distributing tasks, editing texts, starting social media activities – it was not easy, but successful in the end. In addition to this, there was also a little something called second bachelor thesis we had to write. I spent 150 hours working on this paper for sure.

What it was about? Well, I developed a concept for the online presence of the SIHGA Handels GmbH, an expert company for building with wood in Upper Austria. This concept contained strategic goals and a lot of suggestions for social media activities. In short: It was an online-PR project and a good one, too. Now there is just one more thing to do: the implementation. Because of my academic studies, I definitely know how to use and handle online and social media. There is just one question left: Who will I work for?


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