Presidential Election in detail

The Presidential Election campaign in the USA is in full swing. In Austria, however, there is just little to read about it yet. Those people who want to know what is going on in the background of the election, what the candidates stand for and what chances they have, should take a look at There they find all the information they desire – completely in German.

In November 2012, the US-American voters are going to decide which man they want to see in the Oval Office for the next four years: Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. That means that people who keep monitoring in this exciting election have some weeks left until the big showdown takes places. Unfortunately, the Austrian media do not cover this globally relevant election as extensive as some people want them to do. Of course, some interesting events like the designation of the Vice President are reported about in detail. And yes, the members of the Republican Party are made fun of by journalists like always. But those people who are looking for extensive background information or alternative approaches and attitudes can just find them on the websites of US-American newspapers and TV channels.

That is a problem for people who do not speak English. Fortunately, they do not have to worry. The can get the information they desire by browsing on This website is a blogging project that was startet by the PR- and social media-experts Yussi Pick, Josef Barth und Stefan Bachleitner. The bloggers report about what is going on in the Presidential Election – regularly and in German. It is obvious that they focus on the aspect of “campaining”. If you are interested in reading the bloggers’ detailed articles, expertises and funny anecdotes, just click on this link. It is worth it!



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